Friday, November 14, 2008

Coldplayin it

I Just Wanna Love You - Jay-Z

At the Coldplay concert in Kansas City last night they played this song just before the band came on stage.

It seemed as though Chris Martin was a tad wasted for the first couple songs of the concert, which was kind of a buzz kill for the rest of us in the massive Sprint Center.  

My friends Cassie and Scott were sitting in the way up bleacher seats that we all had well before the show and some Sprint Center employees came up to them. They asked to see their tickets, took them and gave them front row center tickets. Apparently at every Coldplay concert there is a section up front center that the band does not sell and instead chooses people with crappy seats at random to sit there. My friend Julie remarked that these people probably make better fans anyway.

To be quite honest, I prefered the X&Y tour. They had weird chinese lantern-looking things this tour instead of the magic yellow balls bouncing around.

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  1. Something like that would of course happen to Cassie and Scott!