Sunday, February 22, 2009

this photo: Big Sean

I had a strong reaction to this photo.  I don't know anything beyond that.

from Kanye

Saturday, February 21, 2009

playing at lone wolf - my new Artisan, 1.5 miles from my casa

Phantom Limb - The Shins

i forgot about this song...


Introduction to Shoulder Muscle Physical Therapy -- powered by

my body is freaky. ever since i can remember, i have not had near the same range of motion with my right arm/shoulder as i have with my left. I can reach about 7 inches higher behind my back with my left hand than i can with my right. i asked my doc about it and she was like "weird. does it bother you? (no, not really). ok. well, bodies are different"

but, (seriously) i tried to throw a piece of mulch at my neighbor's window one night with a parka on and my shoulder has been kind of sore ever since. and then i tried to throw a football all cool and spiral-y with some 8th grade boys and because of female socialization i was never really taught how to do it well and sprained it again.

so i think i'm gonna do a little self physical therapy (ha).

ooh la la

marc by marc, spring 2009 (link)
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Friday, February 20, 2009

My Hanging Surrender - The Wheel

from the movie trailer for Skills Like This, which kind of looks awesome.


"In the first place, remember, humanity is not an aggregate of individuals but an organic unity, one race, one family.  Angels, on the other hand, all stand side-by-side, independently of one another.  They were all created at the same time and are not the products of procreation.  Among them a divine judgment such as was pronounced upon all humanity in Adam would not have been possible: everyone stood or fell on his own.  
But that is not how it is among us.  God created all of us from one man (Acts 17:26); we are not a heap of souls piled on a piece of ground, but all blood relatives of one another, coonected to one another by a hoset of ties, thereofre conditioning one another and bieng conditioned by one another."

Bavinck, my love.   

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have a crush on Herman Bavinck

homeboy's wikipedia (here)

He's a Dutch thelogian who has been dead 88 years.  He tells it like it is in Reformed Dogmatics: Sin and Salvation in Christ.  He just told me about how God kind of invented sin.  It's fascinating.  I think I enjoy school more the further I go along.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


this is from the website Dear God (owned by Cool Hunter), which is a kind of Post Secret, except all to God.  This photo accompanied a post called "My Emotional Being Is Waiting To Be Released, I Want To Be Unleashed!"  

Either this photo was taken at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis or its twin is out there somewhere.

blast from the past

taking my cue from patrick, i'm putting some stuff on here that i wrote in early high school.  my mom and i went through a huge bureau in my old old room at my parents' house and i found a collection of tiny multi-folded notes from my friends nancy, nina, and jordan in high school.  some of the notes were notes to myself, though.  this one is a quote that i wrote down because i liked it.  i don't know where it's from, but it convinced me that i have not changed since then, really.  i still think it's funny and poignant (i can't think of another word).

"I will announce from the monster of ministers that, 'After a long hard fight with reality I am proud to say I have finally won.'"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

from the Sartorialist, titled "Urban Camouflage in Paris"

not as much the outfit so much as the fact that he really does blend into his surroundings in a gorgeous way.  it's like he's a piece of curved glass that you look through and see all the colors of the scene gathered and swirled together.  if that makes sense.  

Monday, February 16, 2009

Me + Groundhog Day + Krew =

Ryan Jenkins is a kid at krew that all the girls think is hot.
The hulk cut-out was stolen from our house (the house is my neighbor's...the guy intern house)
The awesome camera work is mostly mine
The girl on the vespa is me
I am a heartless gold digger
I actually shower about twice to once a week

he's not into just you, just not into you, just...

As much as the rest of the movie was spotty in its enjoyability, I totally dug Scarlett's casual wardrobe.  Tucked in t-shirts with belted pale jeans?  The eighties are back, baby.  


While at Mizzou, I would steal concert posters from around campus.  When bands would come through, they would contact the Mizzou art department and get one of the student designers to make them a poster.  As I collected posters, I found that my favorites were made by Ben Chlapek (  

One of the things I have hanging in my bedroom is a thick piece of cardboard that I found in the screenprinting room in the art department at Mizzou (top picture).  The screenprinting students used the thick cardboard to test their screenprint on before using it for their project. 

While browsing through, I came across Ben Chlapek's poster for the Mountain Goats and realized that he used my board.  Funny.

Who's Touring With Coldplay?

Mercury Rev

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

National Geographic: TOP TEN PHOTO GALLERIES: Most Viewed of 2008

View the full list (here).

Red States, throw your hands up!

So, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss won the Grammy for Album of the year.  We've been listening to this album at work for the past month or so and it rocks, I have to admit.  However, I totally thought that Lil' Wayne or Coldplay was going to win.  For sure.  I mean, I admit that I do not read the entire breadth of media produced in America.  But I did not see this coming.

I feel like in some ways them winning was similar to the Bush victory in 2004.  People were like, "uhh...who are these red state people?"  The Lil' Wayne and Coldplay fans (aka my friends and myself) watching the Grammys were like, "Who are these Robert Plant and Alison Krauss fans??"

update: after looking at the history of Grammy album of the year wins (here), it makes a little more sense why Lil' Wayne or Coldplay didn't win.  Those Grammy judges have a soft side, and it's kind of their only side.  

update part two:  I think I'm going to buy the Raising Sand album.  

Monday, February 9, 2009

Facebook Etiquette

When someone posts a link, article, or video on your wall, it is appropriate to respond with a comment or question on their wall.

I don't do this.

whoa. M.I.A.'s preggers

at the Grammy's last night, performing on her due date in the most awkward and bug-like maternity costume ever.  Awesome.  

M.I.A. told Pitchfork about her baby in October.  Here's the article: "M.I.A.: 'I'm creating a baby'"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

redeeming gossip girl

the hilarious people over at videogum write up a episode recap/roast every week and it's stupendous.  

Click here for every Gossip Girl episode torn to shreds.  After discovering this last week, i tried to predict what they would make fun of in the episode.  Beside the obvious stupidity of Ms. Carr throughout the episode, I called this one: "But then the Dean comes out and announces that cell phone use will no longer be permitted during school hours, because of how major announcements at schools are done impromptu on the steps right before class. This show is basically a documentary about high school and how high schools do stuff. "

They also make fun of these shows every week (Thank you, TV god): Lost, Real World Brooklyn, Friday Night Lights, Top Chef, The Office, Bromance, 30 Rock, Rock of Love, Saturday Night Live, How I Met Your Mother

In other TV/movie parody news, I just learned this past weekend that Mystery Science Theater 3000 has voice-overs available so you can play the two robots and the dude making fun of CURRENT horrible movies, not just old ones.  Yipee! 

paper plane - m.i.a

I want M.I.A. hair. I think I'm going to do a ridiculous dye job. I don't think that I can really "mess up" what I have now.

vid from caroline.

from caroline:

does being redemptive in your occupation matter?

or is just as good to have an occupation and be redemptive on the side (volunteer in ministry, help people/the environment/something else)?

stewardship?  dominion of the earth?  cultivate the land?  sustainability?  

is it God-honoring to work at an un-ethical company but love your coworkers well?

there is not a moral right answer here - it depends on your calling, that is what makes it redemptive?

The Spanglish Sandwich

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needless to say, it was fantastic.  a little pricey, but fantastic.

thoughts i have while in class

I went on a krew (our youth group) leader retreat last weekend and my friend DP said that he thinks that the predominate issues of our generation is our power of access.  he went on to say that we can get anything we want at any time, and this messes with our brains.  

i don't have all the arguments straight in my mind yet about whether power of access is necessarily a bad thing.  and i know i'm not saying a very original thought here.  

all i know is that the way i think about my day is very different now that i have access to facebook, my cell phone text messages, email, and wireless internet.  this is to be constrasted with times when i did not have access - like the three months i was at l'abri.  

also, when i have a task in mind and can accomplish it immediately - via fbook, text, etc. - i feel a sense of power that is non-existant the rest of my day.  i am in charge, i am the instigator!

i also have seen that i construct a kind of artificial barrier between myself and these points of connection.  i don't respond to emails, i disable fbook chat, text messages annoy me, i screen phone calls.  these are all "rude" things to do.  

krew is thinking about having a technology retreat for the kids at the cabin we spent the leadership retreat at.  i wonder if the students will even want it or know how much they may need it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Video from Meghan

"Kaitlin at the mall"

Telephone Booth Aquarium

"Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino have transformed a regular telephone booth into a functioning aquarium for the Lyon Light Festival in France."

From Toxel via Kanye