Tuesday, June 30, 2009

from claire

this is my theme song for thinking about moving to London

Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

Conor Oberst has no soul, poor guy

I drove down to Columbia last night to see Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band play. I love Conor because his lyrics are so powerful and painful. I expected to see someone perform who is painfully aware of the world around him and of his own struggle as a human being existing in a painful world. I was disappointed. Maybe the drugs have taken his soul (Rolling Stone: "Rock's Boy Genius"). But somehow, he just wasn't there. I got bored watching him because his actions were coming from nowhere. A girl from the band Michael Runion came on stage for the last song and was trying to seduce him hard core with her tambourine to no avail. How do you seduce someone without a soul?

On the flip side, I was glad to see him sober for the show. He came to perform at Mizzou a couple years ago and a friend of mine who went said that he was thisclose to throwing up on stage.

For a guy who is so in tune to the reality of life, it makes me sad that he is somewhat gone from experiencing it. Look and listen to his opening song, "To all the lights in the windows"

"Moses up on the mountainside
What a place to meet
He brought his pad and his pencil
Poured himself some gypsy tea
And all the world's multiplicity
They turn his brain and his soul to stone
He drew his face on a tablet
And carried it back home

Jesus off in the water
Standing on his feet
Yeah, that's the thing about charisma
It makes everyone believe
But there is nothing impossible
When I'm with you and when you're with me
I got a sad sinking feeling
That that can never be"

To All the Lights in the Windows - Conor Oberst

Good Hearted Woman - Willie Nelson with Waylon Jennings

gosh, i'm turning into such a country fan.

Monday, June 29, 2009

"I'm glad we're studying zeitgeist next time, I've been looking for an excuse to read some Derrida."

- a high schooler in our youth group. this comment made me absolutely giddy. sometimes I'm so happy doing what I'm doing here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"we must try to converse with God in little ways while we do our work; not in memorized prayer, not trying to recite previously formed thoughts. Rather, we should purely and simply reveal our hearts as the words come to us."
- brother Lawrence in the practice of the presence of God

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

this song sucks

What This Means To Me - I See Stars

the coolest kid in our youth group likes this stuff.

yesterday, for the first time ever, i felt like the high schoolers i was hanging out with thought i was lame because i was old. it was a surreal feeling.

war of the peace

"Guerra was born in Havana and de la Paz in Matanzas. Guerra de la Paz work in sculpture, installation and photography. Their work references the politics of modern conflict and consumerism alongside symbols of faith; they often use old clothing to build their sculptures.." from Kanye's Blog

- I know this probably has nothing to do with what the artists were actually intending to communicate, but as i look at the lower right hand photo, i commiserate with the feeling of being weighed down by clothes.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

three of my favorite bloggers:

also: am I the last to know this (of the people who would care)? that scott schuman (the sartorialist) and garance are dating? what? my fashion-blog world just exploded.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Country Music

Bring It On - Trace Adkins

I've never liked country, I just wasn't raised on it.  I don't think it's any less quality of art than the other popular genres of music.  It has the same lack of creativity and unabashed marketing ploys as pop, hip hop, and indie, which I listen to.  

I was driving back from dropping Allie at the airport in Destin, scanning the radio in the silver 15 passenger youth group van.  The lyrics in this song got me.  My roommates and I talk a lot about men and relationships and it confuses and interests me that a guy could see it as an inviting challenge to get over the walls a girl has.  

Also, when I showed Allie (who listens to country) this song she said that the lyrics are a little more believable coming from Trace Adkins because he's legit country and isn't one of the pop country pretty boys.