Friday, November 14, 2008

The Dread Report:

courtesy of Sam, 7th grader, via facebook graffiti

Well, I kind of have dreads on the top half of my hair.  I like them.  They do not look like dreads unless you get really close up and feel them.  They mostly look like thick pieces of hair.  I also cut my hair myself two weeks ago.  It's completely uneven but as Sharon, my roommate, pointed out, it's not like I'm going for a smooth collected look, so a little unevenness doesn't matter. 

I've been thinking lately how many possibilities you have with your hair.  A picture on my desk in my room is of me and my parents at my high school graduation.  I have long straight blonde hair down to my chest.  The next week I got 10 inches cut off.  Now I have (to use Jeff's words) a hot mess of hair.  What's next?

Also, I was a little worried about how this would affect my relationships with high schoolers and middle schoolers at the youth group at my church.  Most of them think I'm weird anyways, so this doesn't really change things too much.  But a lot of them really think it's cool and have gotten behind it, checking every week on how they are developing.  It's really cute.  I guess the people I would have to worry about is the parents, but I don't interact with them that much anyways.  We'll see.  I'm not really sure if the dreads I have now are reversable.  I might actually have to cut a mullet to get rid of them.  Lesser of two evils?

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  1. i thought about dreading my hair again, but i would want to get it professionally done.