Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Critical Shopper: Hollister in NYC

"THERE are so many beautiful people now. Long ago, there was just one or two of them, like Cleopatra or John F. Kennedy Jr. They were worshiped, commemorated on coins and plates, but always far away, untouchable.

But here, in the shadowy, mazelike, extremely loud interior of the new Hollister store on Broadway, beautiful people are everywhere and even talk to you. Many of them are half-naked with bodies as hard as credit cards.

In this four-floor space, gorgeous youth are in every room, behind every doorway, on every stairway landing, saying hello to you, gazing at you, confusing your grasp of reality."

NYTimes, Critical Shopper: Hollister "A long, lusty walk on a short pier"

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