Tuesday, August 18, 2009

this is nice, but...

...well, I actually would never want exactly this because, well, you know. it's gross. but the idea behind this is quite cute. I recently cleared a section of my wall in my bedroom for a huge family tree, including all cousins and second cousins...all I can fit. Thankfully my family is quite protestant and there aren't really that many of us. Just four or five kids for each of my parents' families of origin and a couple kids for each of the aunts and uncles.

I don't know why but having a family tree always there seems very important to me in this stage of my life. This is strange because it was only a year ago that I was demanding answers as to why family had to be involved in holidays at all.

I saw some of these sticker-frames the one time I've been in an IKEA (in chicago - completely overwhelming, my friend Rachel had to tap out mid-way through and sit down). And the ones they had (quite similar to the ones in the pic, actually) looked like they were trying too hard and would be obnoxious after 6 months, both for the way they look and for their unwillingness to leave the wall.

About a year ago I took a super-thick sharpie to the wall in my and Sharon's bathroom wall to draw some birdies on a wire. I think I will do the same, this time with small frames for each of my relatives on my wall. Poor suckers who have to repaint these rooms. Actually, it will probably be me.

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