Monday, October 17, 2011

Office Candy Jar Rules Poems

I tried googling the above title and found absolutely no poems telling people to pitch in buying candy for the office candy jar. So I had to make some. I was given the task by the school administrative assistant where I am volunteering. Here you go, internet:

Sure, this candy makes your day
but what happens when it goes away?
The best thing is when we play our part
and chip in candy from the start.

Be a school hero,  
bring in a bag to share.
So when the jar is getting low
we all have candy to spare.

Knowledge is for everyone
for all who want to learn
But candy isn’t infinite
everyone needs to take a turn.

There is no magic fairy
to replenish these here sweets
So when your hand hits bottom
it’s your turn to bring in some treats.

 While I was looking around I found some bizarre articles pertaining to this subject: The Wall Street Journal, "The Battle of the Office Candy Jar" (April 12, 2011)

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