Wednesday, October 26, 2011

That Ain't Right

My Mom and I went to a womens ministry kale cooking night tonight and the subject turned on to how England processes meat and how it's different from the US.  One of the women brought up a Time Magazine article that she had read recently that talked about the worldwide epidemic of early puberty.  I said that I have definitely noticed the middle schoolers I worked with having b-cup bras by the 7th grade.  It just looks weird.

I've personally blamed it on the hormones injected in meat - they are made to make them...bigger, faster.  Farmers make more money if their animals grow up faster.  So to my laymen's brain it makes sense.  Of course it makes us bigger and older faster as well.  The chemicals are still in there, working.

Here's what the Time Magazine article says:

"The American obesity epidemic is surely to blame — at least in part — since fatty tissue can increase the body's output of certain hormones. So too may the agricultural hormones found in meat and dairy products. And so too may industrial chemicals, especially phthalates and BPAs in plastics, which are known as endocrine disruptors for their tendence to mimic, block or otherwise interfere with the function of hormones." (Time Magazine: "Little Women" by Jeffrey Kluger. 20 Oct 2011)

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