Monday, March 26, 2012

Visit to the British Library

The other day after finishing volunteering around Farringdon, I trotted down toward King's Cross Station because it was a beautiful day outside.  As I walked along and got closer to King's Cross Station, I remembered that the British Library was quite close by.  I also remembered (falsely) that it was a beautiful building.  I think I might have been remembering St. Pancras (gorgeous) or something else nearby.

As I wandered around inside the British Library, I discovered that they have not one, but two copies of the Magna Carta!  Incredible!  I also found out that Leonardo Da Vinci wrote backwards.  They have a few of his original journal pages there as well as original lyrics jotted down by the Beatles, among other treasures:

The Burning of London in 1666 by Wenceslaus Hollar (source)
Also, I saw excerpts from a expedition newspaper from Sir Robert Scott's expedition to the South Pole in 1911.  The plaque said that they saw evidence of climate change on that trip.  I'm having difficulty finding anything more on this.  Maybe I read it wrong.

Thomas Moffett's Insectorum Theatrum - 1590 (source)

From Florilegium Novum by Johann Theodor de Bry (1612) (source)
I also saw these stamps, from Ibiza in 1936!

And lastly, I was struck by a very pinterestable thing, the center column of the library by the cafe:


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